Remastered Electric Vehicles Magazine Covers and Maps

I'm happy to introduce our new collection of remastered electric vehicle posters! The posters are available in many sizes to fit your needs. They will look great in an office, hallway, and an electric car enthusiast’s garage. Or give as a gift to someone special! Be sure to check back often - we feature a new cover or map every month!

How the collection came to be

It all started a few months ago when I was researching charging station hardware online. During my research, I discovered a vintage magazine called Electric Vehicles. Intrigued, I visited my library to explore further. I tracked down three heavy encyclopedia-like books with the original printed copies inside. 

I poured over the material and discovered that our home base of Jacksonville, IL, has historic ties to the electric car business. In the early 1900s, a man named L. F. O’Donnell was selling cars at 215 E. North Street. The magazine reported that business was booming: "sales was splendid and that [O’Donnell] expected to close many sales in the next six months."

This lead me on another hunt for information relating to O’Donnell’s business, “Automobile Co.” I explored the archive of local papers with a microfilm reader and after 45 minutes of searching I came across an original advertisement!

In my search, I also found a historic map of Chicago charging stations. I was curious to see if any of the original charging locations still existed. I took a drive north and discovered the garage at W. Broadway was still standing in mint condition - it was even for sale! On reflection during my drive home from the garage, I felt deeply that EVs are not going to disappear this time around. All the benefits people saw in the 1900s are the same in 2019.


Driving back home from Chicago, I felt EVs are not going to disappear this time around and that all the benefits people saw in the 1900s are the same in 2019. The biggest difference is driving on non-renewable fuel is ruining our environment in many different ways.

My research inspired me to create high-quality posters honoring the history of electric vehicles. Each image is hand-selected, digitized, and edited using an advanced Zeutschel OS 15000 book scanner and photo correction software. You won’t find these quality images anywhere else online or offline. 

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Alex Hall

Vendi Charging